Blinds, Curtains, Shades And Other Window Coverings

When You Need To Give Your Windows A New Look

The world of window treatments is about as varied as the people that shop for them.  For every taste, budget and design concept there is an answer.  When it comes time to purchase window coverings for your home, take a perusal at the different options and do a little comparing before you commit to this crucial interior design feature.

What you choose for your window covering may ultimately depend on a combination of factors, but having a good idea as to what the different options are is a good place to start. If you want to maximize privacy, for example, then you may prefer curtains, blinds or shades with the blackout feature.  Blackout blinds are easy to use, easy to install and can block out nearly 100% of natural light.  Check out brands like Hunter Douglas, Bali and Levolor for ideas.

Perhaps you enjoy the way light enters various rooms so as to complement furnishings or simply to brighten the mood and allow for view enhancement.  If so, sheer curtains are always a tried and true stand by.

Some people place function and ease of use above all other features.  The roller shade, in that case, could likely be your answer.  With fabric and color variety, you are never at a loss for design flexibility either.

A quite popular choice of late is the roman blind.  Roman blinds or shades combine the ease of use of a typical shade or blind with the creative use of fabrics found in traditional curtains.  These are appropriate in a multitude of settings and can combine well with a variety of decoration themes.

Another curtain that provides a nice decorative touch is the tab top curtain.  Easy to hang and easy to make, the tab top can be used to express nearly all your colorful design ideas.  Some homemakers will even take on a tab top curtain making project themselves to save on expenses.

For those that are ever conscious of  increasing energy costs, insulated curtains are probably the way to go.  Insulated window shades too, can give you the attention grabbing design flairs to go with added energy savings.  These are great for any room in the house.

If you are missing that final decorative exclamation point, don’t forget to include window valances.  These can be used to complement existing décor or simply to hide curtain rods or other window treatment mechanism.  Some rooms may call out for valances more than others – you be the judge.

Finally, you may elect to combine many of the different window treatment styles throughout your home.  Fix your budget, look for discounts, appease your creative urges and choose the covering that suits you and your windows.

Which Window Covering is Right For Me?

There are lots of choices when it comes to covering your windows. You can go for a completely utilitarian set of white blinds or curtains but where is the fun in that? When you want to decorate your kid’s room you don’t just get the simplest set of cool bunk beds you can find, do you? No way. You want something with a little style. Bunk beds with slides that your kids will be proud to show their friends.

If you want a regal and stately feel for your living space then I would suggest a set of curtains made from silk or velvet. I know it seems expensive and luxurious but they are amazing. You won’t believe the movements of silk in fro of an open window until you actually see it. Velvet is much heavier but will be more insulating both from drafts and from light. I suggest these for the winter months or for colder climates in general. I wouldn’t suggest these for a children’s room though. It would be a waste.

For a children’s room I suggest colorful blinds. You can find plastic blinds that match any color scheme you could choose. Especially when you have a kid that has decided on their favorite color it’s important to have everything match. Blue sheets on blue bunk beds next to a blue wall and blue blinds might seem like a lot to you or I but to a blue obsessed little girl or boy it’s mandatory.

If you want to create more down to earth feel then you have lots of options as well. You can go with a set of curtains made from natural linen. These are best in warm climates because they can block a little light but will still let the air move fairly freely. You can also use a set of wooden slat blinds. They are beautiful, offer great light protection and are easily adjustable. Again, I would suggest you not use these in a children’s room. One good flying leap off the bunk beds and they are shattered. Plastic is more durable and you won’t have to worry about replacing the blinds on top of making sure your kid is okay.

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Jill Sample
Posted 1360 days ago
Thanks for the info. Lots to think about. You have given me some good ideas for how I want to do all of my rooms now.<br /><br />Thanks Again,<br />J

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